IT and Connectivity Solutions

Providing all levels of connectivity.

Information technology is a strategic component of the Manhattan Labs’ Gold Standard of service. Our technology experts apply market innovation and research to build simple, easy to use system processes to create seamless communication links with our clients and partners.

"The firms and individuals who survive in health care will be the ones who embrace technology and push it forward. Manhattan Labs will be there I am certain."

Dr. Jacqueline Worth of Village OBGYN

Client Offerings:

  • Courier Delivery
  • Autofax
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Remote Printing
  • LifePoint Client Portal- Web Orders and Results
  • EMR Uni-Directional Results Only Interface
  • EMR Bi-Directional Orders and Results Interface

Our IT specialists routinely test and update connectivity and software options to provide clients with the most up-to-date and efficient solutions. Services provided by Manhattan Labs include customized client reporting allowing healthcare professionals to stay focused on their patients and practices. Manhattan Labs is able to support practices that are going paperless by converting to electronic health records and by demonstrating meaningful use.

Real-Time Mobile Reporting

Our mobile reporting features the following:

  • Inbox presentation of lab results
  • AP reports and clinical messages
  • Ready-to-view results (no waiting for sync with server to pull results)
  • Alert by customer range on specific tests
  • Alert by patient

As part of the Gold Standard, site visits from our IT department are a standard supplement that permits Manhattan Labs to work closely with clients to determine the best technology solutions for each individual practice. Manhattan Labs IT specialists excel at tailoring our technology and services to meet clients’ specific business requirements and reduce the complexity of IT decisions for their practice. Interfacing options are available, as well as customized reporting formats to stay consistent with already established report delivery process.

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